Mamma Brown's Restaurant Front View


The Low Country is known for its unique cuisine, thanks to the Gullah way of cooking.  These methods were passed down to the Brown family from an old family friend, “Mose.” “Mose” shared with Brown’s Aunt Virginia what is now our 70-year old vinegar-pepper barbecue sauce, which is the foundation for our famous “Carolina Style” barbecue. “Mose” recipes originated in West Africa more than 300 years ago, and they have remained synonymous with the Low Country ever since. Over the years, the Brown family cooked together and perfected what is now some of our secret recipes and techniques.

Today, the younger generation of the Browns is sharing that delicious food with family-owned and operated restaurants in Georgia and South Carolina. We are not a chain. Each restaurant is separately owned and operated, but we are family.

Mamma Brown’s family works hard in a 28-acre garden in Kingstree, SC to grow fresh vegetables for the restaurant. (Everybody knows when it’s time for the fresh collards, squash and more and looks forward to the delicious dishes our cooks create with them!)

Mamma Brown's Family Ocean Background

We also love to eat, and to eat well. We’ve been barbecuing whole hogs on our fire pits for decades, and sharing our special vinegar-barbecue delight with people throughout the southeast. (We also ship across the country for some of our biggest fans!)

In addition to our pulled pork barbecue, ribs, chicken, turkey and brisket, our side dishes come from old Brown Family recipes… like our chicken puerlo, red rice & sausage, collards, cabbage, field peas, and famous macaroni and cheese. Our sides change with the seasons, so you will always have the freshest, most delicious side dish options available.

We promise you’ll never go home hungry! That just wouldn’t be right, would it?

Mamma Brown's Farm Cabbage